AutoStore® – Automated Storage & Retrieval System

AutoStore® is a unique and patented Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS), provided by Element Logic to a wide range of customers and industries since 2003. We design, implement and support tailor-made solutions with AutoStore and complementary equipment & solutions, making our customers intralogistics a competitive advantage.

Standard Modules - Tailor fit solutions

Goods are stored in 75l. bins, stacked on top of each other

The bin stacks are aligned in an aluminum framework

Battery-driven robots handle the goods/bins to operators

Orders are processed at high speed operator ports


Up to 80% floor area savings

Because the storage bins is stacked on top of each other, there is virtually no air in between, making the space utilization extreme. Save space & save costs

Up to 50% labor cost savings

Best practice processes for inbound, pick & pack enable large savings in personnel – also ensuring fast & secure handling of your orders.

Utilizes every inch of your warehouse

AutoStore is easy to integrate in all existing and new buildings – around pillars and other obstacles, in a geometric shape and size that fits the available space

Easy & fast to expand

Need extra storage space – add grid & bins. Need extra handling capacity – add robots & operator ports. Installed without interrupting daily operations.

Total control & reliability

Branch leading availability, no single point of failure, less picking errors, continuous inventory control; AutoStore is designed to deliver

Reduced sick absence

Goods-to-man in a low-noise-level environment – fit to the processes that are to be executed – ensure motivated & efficient employees

Green line system that saves costs

State of the art technology; power-efficient modules and robots that are regenerating battery during operation ensures very low power consumption

Powered by Element Logic

Powered by Element Logic – the AutoStore specialist

  • AutoStore since 2003

  • Numerous successful customers – in a wide range of sizes and different industries

  • Standard Warehouse Control System (Element WCS) to maximize the AutoStore performance

  • Dedicated expertise in design, project management, implementation and support

Product Safety

The primary area of focus of AutoStore is safety. In particular, fire safety is of paramount importance. It is not enough to develop ways to extinguish a fire once  it has started. Of far greater significance are the measures and methods employed to prevent fire from starting in the first place.

All AutoStore products are tested and approved by external and independent agencies with long track records in their respective fields of expertise. As of today, AutoStore has an approval process covering various aspects of its product range in 19 different areas.

For the European market, there are many directives such as LVD, EMC, RED, and the EU Machinery Directive. These are an integral part of the safety-approval process and are also grouped together under the auspices of CE certification. CE marking, as it is known, is a system that relies upon self-declaration. For AutoStore, it is imperative that all our product approvals are tested, approved, and certified by accredited agencies such as those described above. On a similar footing in other regions of the world, AutoStore relies on certification from accredited bodies able to carry out the necessary safety tests of our products. This lets us maintain the high level of quality we require and which our customers expect.


Prevention is the best policy

Since 2009 we have performed on-going tests of our entire system, in both Europe and the USA, for fire safety. These tests include various sprinkler configurations, height ratios in relation to overhanging ceilings, and compact storage-unit density. Observations have revealed that even with a high-density storage of combustible materials present in the storage facility, fire growth has been retarded due to the lack of available or circulating oxygen otherwise necessary for a fire to expand and intensify.

In terms of AutoStore modules, tests on the various products have been extensive, all of which have resulted in a voluminous portfolio of reports and certificates. Some of the most relevant approval tests we have carried out are listed below.

LVD Low Voltage Directive:

This test exposes the modules to fabricated faults and stresses with the intention of ensuring that heat does not form thus becoming a fire source or creating a risk to personnel.

EMC – Electromagnetic Compatible Directive:

This test is performed to ensure that our modules do not adversely affect other machines and also that AutoStore modules are not affected by electromagnetic radiation. This extensive examination includes testing for antistatic interference.

EU Machinery Directive:

This directive shall ensure that a machine is safe to use and that it does not represent a risk of physical injury to users.

RED – Radio Equipment Directive:

As some of our products contain radio transceivers, it is extremely important that we do not breach legally established frequency wavelengths. This encompasses transmitter power and the frequency range our products transmit on.

ETL – Electrical Testing Laboratory:

The ETL Mark is recognized as proof that a product follows North American safety standards. Authorities and code officials across the US and Canada accept the ETL Listed Mark as proof of product compliance with established industry standards. The mark is accepted by retail buyers on products being sourced, while for consumers it is readily recognizable on multiple products as a symbol of safety.