AutoStore® – Automated Storage & Retrieval System

AutoStore® is a unique and patented Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS), provided by Element Logic to a wide range of customers and industries since 2003. We design, implement and support tailor-made solutions with AutoStore and complementary equipment & solutions, making our customers intralogistics a competitive advantage.

Standard Modules - Tailor fit solutions

Goods are stored in 75l. bins, stacked on top of each other

The bin stacks are aligned in an aluminum framework

Battery-driven robots handle the goods/bins to operators

Orders are processed at high speed operator ports


Up to 80% floor area savings

Because the storage bins is stacked on top of each other, there is virtually no air in between, making the space utilization extreme. Save space & save costs

Up to 50% labor cost savings

Best practice processes for inbound, pick & pack enable large savings in personnel – also ensuring fast & secure handling of your orders.

Utilizes every inch of your warehouse

AutoStore is easy to integrate in all existing and new buildings – around pillars and other obstacles, in a geometric shape and size that fits the available space

Easy & fast to expand

Need extra storage space – add grid & bins. Need extra handling capacity – add robots & operator ports. Installed without interrupting daily operations.

Total control & reliability

Branch leading availability, no single point of failure, less picking errors, continuous inventory control; AutoStore is designed to deliver

Reduced sick absence

Goods-to-man in a low-noise-level environment – fit to the processes that are to be executed – ensure motivated & efficient employees

Green line system that saves costs

State of the art technology; power-efficient modules and robots that are regenerating battery during operation ensures very low power consumption

Powered by Element Logic

Powered by Element Logic – the AutoStore specialist

  • AutoStore since 2003

  • Numerous successful customers – in a wide range of sizes and different industries

  • Standard Warehouse Control System (Element WCS) to maximize the AutoStore performance

  • Dedicated expertise in design, project management, implementation and support