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Ultracompact & highly efficient!


Boozt get the world's largest AutoStore
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Element Warehouse Management System

Gives you full control!

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We have the tools...

... to optimize YOUR warehouse performance


The most compact automatic pick – and storagesystem in market, making handling small and medium sized goods a competitive advantage.


Our modulebased storagesystem (WMS) simplifies everyday processes and tasks significantly.

About us

Since 1985 our focus has been on optimizing your warehouse. Utilize our expertise!

Element Logic delivers AutoStore to XXL’s new central warehouse in Örebro.

This is the 4th time XXL expands with AutoStore. An important factor for XXLs progress is high performance and industry-leading logistics, where several years of collaboration with Element Logic and investment in automation has been of great importance. 50% reduction in operating costs has provided long-term competitive advantage and created an industry leader which can grow.

WMS = ElementWMS.

Recently BOS-logistics took the decision to continue a more than 10 year long partnership with Element Logic – by upgrading their WMS. This is an effective tool and platform for further development of Bertel O. Steen’s logistics flow, where for example we look at atomation of internal transport, “Pick by Voice”, AutoStore and other technologies. 

Elektroskandia Norge AS is Norways largest wholesaler on electric goods. An increasingly competitive market requires product range, competitive prices and efficient logistics. From its central warehouse, Elektroskandia is already the industry leader, but strenghtens its position further with AutoStore.

Why us?

  • Extensive experience and expertise
  • Thorough review of needs provides the right solution
  • We have some of the most experienced people in the industry
  • Good references on projectes and increased profitabiltiy
  • AutoStore and WMS expert