Project Description

More goods – less space

ALSO Actebis in Norway (prev. Santech and GNT) is part of the ALSO Actebis Group, one of the largest distributers of IT-product and homeelectronics to the retailmarktet in Europe. With a strong growth in the middle of 2000s, Element Logic solved the challenge of lacking space. The efficiency gains were beyond expectations.

Lack of floorspace – but expanded with 2000 pallet places
ALSO primarily lacked space, and a building expansion seemed to be the “obvious” solution to attain the storage capacity needed. Even if the entire floorspace was used there was, however, lots of unused space in height. Shelving, in the middle of the warehouse, and areas for goods receiving and handling only used a few meters in height.

The solution was to build a mezzanine above the areas for goods receiving and handling and install AutoStore on the mezzanine. The main part of small and midsized goods were moved to AutoStore. Shelving was removed and freed up floorspace to be used for2000 new palletspaces. AutoStore dimensioned for the future even opened for further growth, both in storagespace and handling.

ROI exceeded the expectations
Storing more goods on less space and thereby avoiding a costly extension of the warehouse provided a high Return on Investment. With partially automated processes, productivity was already considered to be very good, thus ALSO did not expect to gain further efficiancy in this area. However, they experienced that they also saved time in several processes. Especially for the goods receival, where a large part of the incoming goods is directly put away in AutoStore in the goods receival area. For outgoing processes, a large part of the small and midsized goods were now handled quicker in AutoStore than from the more time consuming shelving and Pallet Racking zones.