Project Description

Technology for the future

Elotec is a solution supplier for firealarms, emergency lighting and camera surveillance. When Element Logic implemented AutoStore in 2005, they were the first users of the system and very well equipped for future growth in Scandinavia and Europe.

Advanced technology
Elotec AS is a technical company developing and shipping advanced fire alarm system based on their own aspiration technology. Elotec has, the past years, developed, sold and installed more then 20 000 fire alarm systems, 25 000 aspiration detectors and 350 000 point detectors and has today a complete range of securitysystems for business, industry, agriculture, flats, listed buildings and residences.

Grew out of premises – AutoStore became the solution
When Elotec grew our of their existing premises in the beginning of the 2000s it was a natural process to find a more advanced warehousesolution than tradional shelving and pallet racking. Several known warehouse solutions, conveyor systems and miniloadsystems were evaluated without satisfying their wishes and demands.

AutoStore, a completely new concept at the time, became however a preferred solution for both passion and reason. Passion because it was an new and exciting technology. Reason because it gave the most efficient use of space and efficient handling. The system is ESD-safe and provides secure handling of goods agains dust, uncontrolled access and damage caused by static discharge.