Project Description

Magical use of space

Hattelco and are among Norways leading suppliers of computer related products, Hattelco as a B2B distributor and as a B2C webshop. They share premises in Arendal and with ever increasing pressure on margins and demands on quicker handling and ordershipment, shelving was replaced with the automated storage and retrieval system AutoStore combined with a conveing and sorter system.

From order to finished shipment in minutes
Before, employees would many times walk 10-12 km, spread out over several zones and floors. The process of handling an order could take several hours, but now the handling time is down to minutes. We can now handle significantly more with less work – in less time“, explains logistics manager Petter Aaland at

Magical use of space
A warehouse with special architecture of geometrical shapes and corners is not an everyday warehouse layout challenge, but with AutoStore even the most unfavorable warehousearea could bu utilized. “80% of our warehouse previously consisted of empty air. Rather then expanding the warehouse we could utilize all the empty space using AutoStore and in addition move all our activity down to one floor“, explains groupmanager at Hattelco and Henning Hatteland.

To utilize existing buildings in an optimal way also enabled a quick implementation of AutoStore while in full operation.