Project Description

Extreme Makeover at Komplett

Komplett is a leading player in e-commerce, with a total of 10 webshops in Scandinavia. During 2010 the Group’s webshops handled a total of 1 289 657 orders, receiving more than 1 order every 24 seconds. A strong contribution to the success is a optimized warehouse delivered by Element Logic.

Optimizing existing warehouse   
AutoStore, being the most compact Automatic Storage and Retrieval System in the marketplace, enabled implementation in existing warehouse – during full operations.

EWMS, the Warehouse Management System already in use, was the key success factor to achieve efficient management of the new technical solutions and optimize the processes.

Conveying Systems was designed to remove time demanding operations, e.g conveying systems for in- and outbound handling, automated packaging line, sorter system and waste handling.

System expansion during full operations
Expansion of the AutoStore was executed in during full operations. In addition to moving AutoStore-modules from a purchased company (TCG) that had AutoStore already, the storage capacity was doubled.

Return on Investment
“We reached our project targets, and our investments are paying off. Our time effort has been reduced while the number of orders have increased, and we have achieved a 30% productivity increase for the warehouse as a whole. Bottle necks have been removed, quality and delivery precision improved, and a considerable increase in picking and packing efficiency!”
COO Komplett, Pål Asbjørn Vindegg

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