Project Description

New modern warehouse

Onninen AS is a supplier of products and services for electrical and plumbing. In 2010 they moved into a new modern central warehouse at Skedsmokorset, with an efficient and innovative storage concept from Element Logic.

65% of the picking on 5% of the space
The main warehouse has a floor area of 15,000 m2, of which AutoStore occupies only 700 m2. 65% of a total 6500 – 7000 orderlines that daily flow out of the warehouse, are picked from AutoStore.

Efficiency gains
AutoStore gives better stock control and more stable operation, and efficiency is greatly improved. “The use of resources on the pick of the small goods has now been halved,” says logistics manager Roar Johnsen, who has not rationalized employees, but reduced the number of temporary workers from 24 to 2.

Pick & Pack
Both inbound and outbound flow of goods to / from Auto Store is automated. For inbound flow of goods a conveyor system has been installed to allow for both quality and efficiency. In the picking process, the operators picks directly in the final package, which is then placed on the conveyor to shipping and automatic seal.

Moved without customers noticing it
To make sure that the moving process would have minimal impact on daily operations, the AutoStore was put in production before the scheduled project date, enabeling the move of the warehouse, consisting of 700 semi-trailers, at a Easter. A carefully planned and well-organized move, along with a system that quickly was be put into full operation, meant that customers did not notice anything regarding this move.

The day after Easter, the system was fully operational, and has from day one worked according to expectations,” said Johnsen.