Project Description

Space efficiency

Projectiondesign is a Norwegian company that designs, manufactures and markets high-performance projectors for professional, business and consumer applications. With strong growth  AutoStore and EWMS from Element Logic implemented to solve increased pressure on the warehouse operations.
AutoStore – an optimal solution
It was important for Projectiondesign to aquire a solution that was as compact as possible. In addition, it was also essential that the solution would be quick to implement, flexible, scalable, ergonomically adapted  workplaces, as well as being a precise, dust-and ESD-safe storage and retrieval system for the production.

Based on these criteria, AutoStore was chosen – in line with the philosophy of Projectiondesign: “Our products are conceived to offer the best possible performance for their intended application, and a better price-to-performance ratio than any competing product.”

Implementation in record time
A new building was needed in any case, but AutoStore enabled Projectiondesign to build less than half of the space that other solutions would have required. In other words, a lot of money saved. From the decision was made, it took no more than 6 months until a new building was buildt and AutoStore was in operation.

90% of the articles in the AutoStore
With ESD 8,500 totes (electro static-protected storing)  90% of the articles are stored  in AutoStore. The system is highly scalable and ready for more growth, in which Projectiondesign made use of in 2011. When the need of 20% increased transactioncapacity arised, it was solved in 4 weeks by addiong robots to the system.