Project Description

Reliable and fast logistics

Tingstad AS is a leading supplier of fasteners and tools for mechanical industry, construction, shipyards and shipowners and power industries.
Both the central warehouse in Ålesund and the warehouse in Oslo selected Element Logic and AutoStore.

Reliable and fast logistics
Tingstad is a 100% owned company in the KoppernæsGruppen, and has roots back in 1884. The group has 280 employees and a turnover of close to 700 million NOK.
Tingstad has a large regional warehouse in Oslo, in addition to the central warehouse in Ålesund.
With customers all over the place – both in Norway and the rest of the world and 60 000 products, an efficient logistics system is required for customers to get the goods when they need it.

Utilization of existing warehouse
The existing warehouse in both Ålesund and Oslo had reasonably good capacity and was reasonably efficient. At the same time limited by, among other things, the fact that the warehouses basically were maximum filling rates. With clever use of the flexibility of AutoStore there was still room for more storage space at the two warehouses, respectively at 12 800 and 6200 storage locations. This resulted in a radical improvement of space utilization.

Pick in shop
The flexibility of AutoStore allows them to use the system for different processes in parallel. Since Tingstad have shops in the same building as the warehouses, the system was desgined with the flexibility to have a direct pick from AutoStore behind the counter. The goods that are not located on the shelf in the store, the staff picks directly from AutoStore.