80% of handling on 10% of the space

In 2008, Bergans Fritid celebrates its 100th anniversary. Commissioning of the Automatic Storage & Retreival system AutoStore by Element Logic is a new milestone for the successfull manufacturer of outdoor- and sportsequipment.

Department Stores dependent of warehouse productivity

With an already broad range of products which is steadily growing, AutoStore will be play an important part in optimizing logistics. With AutoStore, we’ll be able to handle the increased volume, extended productrange and more frequent deliveries to our sales outlets“, says Logistics Manager Morten Kleven.

80% of handling on 10% of the space
AutoStore will handle up to 80% of the goods-flow. “By centralizing the main share of our flow of goods in AutoStore, we will save a lot of time – Incoming goods are quickly put away in the system and the picking efficiency is increased significantly” continues Kleven.

The fact that AutoStore only uses 10% of the total warehouse area has also been of great importance. “The fact that we can store so many products in AutoStore in this compact way has made it possible to disregard a warehouse move or extension. Thus, the investment wil be profitable in many ways“, finishes the logistics manager.