1000m2 of floorspace freed

Elektroskandia Norge is Norways largest electro wholesaler. It takes a broad product range, competitive prices and efficient logistics to meet an ever increasing competitive market . From their central warehouse in Alfaset, Elektroskandia is already a market leader in Norway, but with AutoStore from Element Logic they can now further strengthen their position as leading electro wholesaler.

Increased efficiency
AutoStore will handle more than 60% of the orderpicking at the Central Warehouse. “By centralizing the main part of our goods flow in AutoStore, we will not only increase efficiency but also reduce unnecessary shipments to our customers“, says Distribution Director, Arild Brennholm.

Big space savings
With it’s unique use of space, AutoStore will free 1000m2 for Elektroskandia. “With AutoStore we will have multiple benefits. We can store more goods on less space while simultaneously increase productivity. Its flexibility gives us the ensurance that we’ll be able to handle future growth in volume“, continues Brennholm.

Small environmental footprint
The system also contributes to reduced pickingerrors and lower powerconsumption which, again, leads to reduced costs and less impact onthe environment. AutoStore contributes to a larger profit for us as a wholesaler but also for our customers and our surroundings“, finishes Brennholm.