1400 orderlines a day

5,000 parts – from water tanks to tiny screws. All reduced to a system by Element.

There was no peaceful celebration at Heidenreich AS Easter 2002.The central warehouse was moved from Tåsen in Oslo to Skedsmokorset with 58 semi -trailers and 40 people rushing to prepare the new store.

In Uelanddsgata 85 on Tåsen there was stacked miles of pipes, thousands of seals and everything else needed in plumbing. Basements, mezzanines and neighboring buildings were used, but the overview and the efficiency was poor. The 1st of April, 7,200 new square feet was ready for use. In total there is invested around 70 million in the warehouse.

Better overview
1,200 square foot cold storage , 1,000 m2 heated storage and 5,000 m2 of pallet and shelving – it’s an impressive central warehouse that has been built. 7,500 products – everything from large tanks to tiny gaskets and screws. When Heidenreich AS in 2006 extends the central warehouse with over 5.000m2, there will be approximately 11,000 articles. Heidenreich AS bought their first liftmachine five years ago. They were mounted in the old warehouse on Tåsen and was moved over to Skedsmo. 10 liftmachines were delivered by Element to the central warehouse. In total there are 9,000 storage locations in the machines that contain a total of about 3,000 brands. According to Logistics Manager Odd Holter, they are very pleased with the machines and the total flow in the new warehouse .


“We are in the midst of break-in period, and mostly it’s been fine. This has been a tremendous operation – not only has the entire inventory moved, but new technologies were installed. Everything has certainly not gone according to plan, but we’ve managed” Holter says .

” The new warehouse will be more efficient, and the goal is to deliver more with the same number of employees. On a good day 3,000 product lines are handled where about half go through our liftmachines . If we’re running 100% after the starting phase, we’re ready to recieve even more orders”said Logistics Director Odd Holter Heidenreich AS.

Across the country
Heidenreich AS was founded in Christiania in 1904 as a pipe and plumbing business. Today Heidenreich AS has 35 branches around the country with a total of 270 employees. Sales in 2006 will be almost a billion dollars.