Success in the warehouse!

Since its inception in 1998, Stormberg has grown to become one of the leading providers of sports- and outdoorwear in Norway. The commissioning of AutoStore in 2011 was the start of a new era

80% of picking from AutoStore
Strong growth for several years have led to great pressure on both the storage and handling capacity of the warehouse – and its costs. With AutoStore, they could quickly reach a solution with more goods in less space in existing premises. “Since AutoStore is so compact, we have room for large quantities of goods in the system and we pick 80% of all picking from AutoStore.” says Logistics Manager Jens Christian Iglebæk.

Doubled productivity
There is no doubt that AutoStore has increased the efficiency considerably. “With AutoStore, we have doubled the capacity of the warehouse without increasing staffing! The cost per order line is drastically reduced, “continues a satisfied Iglebæk.

Triples the size of the AutoStore in 2012
Although the amount of goods through the warehouse in 2011 has doubled compared with last year, strong growth is still expected. Stormberg has therefore already ordered an expansion of the system in 2012. “By the summer of 2012, we’ll have tripled the system. We will have as much activity in the AutoStore as possible, since that is what gives us the optimum utilization of space and efficiency, ” concludes Iglebæk