The Story

In July 2012 Swedol started using its new logistics center in Örebro, including the AutoStore powered by Element Logic.

In 2015 Swedol needed to increase storage capacity and enhance cost efficiency, and during the spring and summer they expanded their AutoStore delivered by Element Logic.

Swedols warehouse also benefits from Element Logics own warehouse management system, Element WMS.

The Solution

High level of service and efficient shipments
Swedol has great demands on a high level of service, product availability and efficient shipments with short lead times. We are continuously expanding in parallel with experiencing increased demands in the supply chain, especially the DC. With new facilities and AutoStore we meet these demands both in short and long term. AutoStore is extremely flexible and scalable when it comes to future expansions of both storage- and handling capacity, which make us able to adapt to the future logistical demands!” Pontus Glasberg, Logistic Manager at Swedol.

Expanded their AutoStore in 2015
The investment will increase storage capacity and enhance cost efficiency while we can improve Swedols delivery capabilities further, even with future growth. We get a more flexible logistics solution and an improved level of service to the stores which ultimately benefits the customers that will get even faster and more reliable delivery of goods, “ CEO Swedol, Clein Johansson Ullenvik.

AutoStore and “Warehouse by Voice”
The ultra-compact and high-efficient AutoStore optimizes pick & pack against retail and internet sales. Element WMS manages the manual storage part, as well as AutoStore and Pick-by-Voice.
Element Logic was our obvious choice as a supplier of a comprehensive storage management solution through an optimal combination of WMS, Pick-by-Voice and AutoStore”. Pontus Glasberg, Logistics Manager.

Number of bins
Number of Robots
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The Customer

Swedol is a Swedish trading company established in 1963 offering tools, machines and work clothes on mail orders via the web shop and in its own stores in Sweden and Norway. About 80 percent of customers are companies but the number of private customers increases as new stores open. Opened in Norway in 2011.

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Jacob de Leur

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