Element WMS at Telefast

Telefast is one of Norway’s leading distributors of mobile phones and accessories. Element has been in dialogue with Telefast since 2007 and have had the pleasure to follow their development and been the supplier of ¬†liftmachines to their warehouse in Sandefjord.
In 2010 it was time to examine the effects of the use of WMS could provide Telefast. Element did a pilot study with Telefast in 2011 to demonstrate the potentials of a WMS , and especially EWMS . Element won a contract to supply EWMS, and  took the system in use spring 2012.
Telefast accomplished the following by installing Elements EWMS:

– Approximately 50 % better efficiency in the warehouse, in addition to Telefast see further gains to be made in the future.
– Reduced daily ” walkway ” pr. warehouse employee, from 10 km to 6 km.
– Duration of training of temporary staff / new staff is greatly reduced. Today, on average, Telefast use 15min on training new operators in the warehouse !
– Achieved tracking of all transactions at a detailed level

The customer is very happy, and have gotten more out of the project than predicted .