XXL Sport & Vildmark

The explanation behind the low XXL-prices

In 2010, Element Logic implemented AutoStore at XXL Sports & Outdoor’s central warehouse at Gardermoen. In December 2011 they started up the new central warehouse and continued the succesfull logistics with a new , quadrupled AutoStore with new, unique and optimized processes in EWMS.

Space utilization and frequent deliveries
Efficient logistics is essential for XXL to be able to provide customers with famous brands at low prices. “The right goods must always be available to our customers“, says warehouse manager Geir Nielsen.


Class leading
XXL has done what most others in the industry have failed to do, running warehouse operations especially cost effectively. The operation has a 5 to 15 percentage points lower cost than other sportschains (Norwegian Sports magazine No. 4 2011).

Succesful cooperation provides a competitive advantage
The warehouse concept we have developed together with Element Logic, led by AutoStore and EWMS, has been essential for our low costs- and has given us great competitive advantage! ” concludes Nielsen.