Plastic Boxes & Bins

Boxes for picking and paternoster-lift machines:

Good handle and recess in the back

Good rounding at the bottom makes it easy to pick small portions

Made of solid impact resistant polypropylene resistant to chemicals

The drawers can be recycled

Can withstand temperatures: from -30 to + 70

Depth 300-600mm, Width 115 and 230mm


Partitioning walls:

Impact resistant and transparent ABS

Can be recycled

Can withstand temperatures:  -30 – + 70


Norm Boxes:

Adapted for picking in shelving racking.
The boxes have an opening in the front witch allow the picker to look at what’s inside before picking.

The boxes are stackable and stable.

We supply different partitioning walls.

Can withstand temp -20 – + 120 degrees.

Depth: 300-600mm.


We have a wide range of different EURO boxes, boxes and plastic.

Please contact our expert on plastic boxes Elisabeth Qværnstrøm:, tel: 990 03 007

Plastic bins