Drum racks / Cable drum racks

Safe and efficient storage with significant time savings.


The drum in this rack is attached to a shaft with a locking mechanism that allows easy and fast rotation of the drum, while the drum is still in the rack.
This mechanism is a patented security system that prevents the drum from being out of position, enabling safe handling for the user. This is the only reel type that is dimensioned for direct unwinding of the drum rack, up to 80 rpm. Productivity: The drums can be stored with 100 mm spacing between each other and adjustable per. 50 mm. This makes the storage compact and flexible.


Cable racks are delivered in a variety of dimensions, heights and widths.

We make the optimal configuration to store drums of different sizes. It provides our customers with effective cable management, from receiving to ready-made product for forwarding to customers.

Why choose this rack?

  • Safe storage with direct unwinding of the drum from the rack-
  • Optimized for efficient handling of drums
  • Customized machine for unwinding possible
  • Customized handling equipment for your forklift truck can be delivered.
  • Everything is delivered from the same manufacturer – safety for the users!
  • Stores K6 to K24 efficiently.
  • Patented locking mechanism.

Cable drum racking