Cantilever racking

Storage of long-hauled goods is often complicated: the properties of the objects affect the racking.

Element Logic helps you to dimension the right rack for your needs.

Cantilever racks can be delivered to all types of long-hauled goods.


Cantilever racks are made for light and heavy goods – from a few kg to several tonnes. Flexibility with optional column spacing, optional height, optional arm length and height adjustment of arms for every 50 mm, make sure most needs are satisfied.


The racks are dimensioned and designed according to current European laws and norms (EN 15 635) This means that we find solutions that are not only effective but also safe in terms of HSE and the requirements of your local regulatory organizations.

Why choose this racking?

  • Adjustable arms – every 50mm
  • Suitable outside and inside
  • Dimensioned according to EU standards

Cantilever racking