Pallet Racking

Quality racking from one of Europe’s largest manufacturers: Altek STOW has been delivered to a number of projects from to Kid Interiør and Rema1000.

The frames are dimensioned according to the desired height.

Standard beams: 2 – 3 and 4 pallet beams according to desired load capacity.

Altek STOW has several different frames depending on how heavy the load is and different types of beams that can withstand from 100kg – 1245kg per EUR pallet. This helps save steel and costs if you do not need full load capacity.

It is often more profitable to invest in frame and upright-protectors than to do reparations in the future. We have all the necessary safety equipment in stock at your disposal.

We also stock accessories like mesh shelves.


Why choose this racking?

  • We adapt the solution as needed
  • Visible beams reduce the frequency of damaged racking
  • High visibility of beams and frames provides a better workday
  • One of Europe’s largest manufacturers
  • Beams are adjustable every 50mm
  • Spare parts are always in stock

Pallet racking