Element WMS® Optimizing Warehouse performance.

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What is Element WMS?

  • Element WMS is a web based warehouse management system for maximum flexibility and system interaction in the warehouse.
  • Element WMS fits your business; whatever you do! Retail, e-commerce, distribution, you choose!
  • Through Element WMS, we manage the processes and simplify employees’ worklife significantly. Common side effects are large increases in productivity, efficiency, tracability and increased quality.
  • Users are presented a clear visual and graphical picture and real-time data which gives a quick overview and full control of the current situation in the warehouse.

Why use a WMS?

  • Keeps track of the flow of goods and all movement of goods in the warehouse from receival to outbound transport.
  • Provides a basis for theewarehouse manager, foremen and operators so that they can perform their job in the best way possible
  • Increased efficiency in the warehouse
  • Reduced logistics costs
  • Real-time information about stock
  • Improves quality towards customers
  • Simplifies returned goods
  • Simplifies inventory counts and stockeeping
  • Can be integrated with other critical systems (ERP)
  • Easier and faster training
  • Gives your business important competitive advantages

Element WMS is a modular system, where the basic system can be expanded with additional modules, independent of business type or size.

Easy and well documented integration with all kinds of ERP, TMS, other WMS or custom built systems.

Examples; SAP, IFS, Jeeves, Movex, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, Consignor, Transportnett, etc…

Real-time information creates efficiency, control, tracablility, precision and quality in a wide range of warehouse activities, i.e.:

  • Goods receival
  • Pick strategies
  • Putaway
  • Delivery
  • Inventory
  • Returns
  • Zones/Material handling areas
  • etc…

Since Element WMS is a web based system, any device with a browser can get access to real-time data and warehouse processes.

PC’s, tablets, truck-pc’s, PDA’s, anything with a browser!

Element WMS can also integrate with:

  • Pick by Voice
  • Warehouse by Voice
  • Dynamics Storage, lifts and paternoster
  • Conveyors and other equipment

By adopting EWMS we have seen customers achieve the following;

  • Reduced costs due to better inventory utilization: 10-35%
  • Lower personnel-related costs: 10-35%
  • Increase in the flow of goods through the warehouse: 10-40%
  • Complete and accurate information about inventory: 100%
  • Reduction of stocked goods: 5-25%
  • Reduced time for goods in: 25-50%
  • Reduced pickingtimes: 25-50%
  • Use of automated refill: 10-30%
  • Lower error rate using PDAs or tablet: 10-30%
  • The impact cost of supplier credit and accounts recievale: 10-50%
  • Reduced training costs: 20-40%
  • Total annual reductions in logistics costs:10-50%