Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Purpose of the role

The main purpose and the responsibility of this role is engineering of Element Logic products in an efficient manner with high quality according to the priorities that apples at any given time. This role is collectively responsible to build a higly moitvated well-functioning self-organized team.


  • Perform analysis, design, implementation, documentation, testing, deployment, and maintenance of Element Logic Products with high quality & efficiency according to the priorities that applies at any given time
  • Provide technical support to technology partners and customers on Element Logic products
  • Follow and contribute to improvement of the product development process and associated engineering practices that fulfill the purpose and responsibility of R&D
  • Maintain and contribute to improvement of software architecture, code base, and technology platform of EL products that fulfill the purpose and responsibility of R&D
  • Assist internal and external with technical training and technical support
  • Fulfil the line responsibilities defined by Head of the department
  • Develop and maintain personal skills and competencies need for the position
  • Represent R&D in relevant customer cases and ensure right understanding of customer needs
  • Engaged in team competence development and motivation
  • Pursue trend analysis and evaluation of the relevant technologies
  • Pursue introduction of key technologies in accordance with Element Logic R&D strategy

Education and experience

  • Master degree preferred. Minimum bachelor’s degree in computer science or similar
  • Good knowledge and experience about Element Logic products
  • Good knowledge and experience about intralogistics industry
  • Strong knowledge and extensive experience with modern Software Engineering Practices and Tools
  • Strong Norwegian and English written and verbal communication skills
  • Good knowledge and experience with Agile Software Development methodology
  • At least 5 years work experience within software development

Personal Characteristics

List of personal characteristics that the role owner should possess.

  • Be Customer-centric and eager to understand the customer’s needs
  • Be proud of the product being developed and be able to identify with it
  • High professional pride and quality focus with pragmatism
  • Analytical and ability to build a holistic understanding with purpose-oriented mindset
  • Curiosity and motivated by continuous learning
  • Good team player who helps to build a well-functioning cross-functional self-organized team
  • Make decisions based upon facts rather than feelings
  • Burning interest in our industry and the purpose of the company
  • Passion for the technology in general and Computer science in particular
  • Sets a good example with behaviour for the values of the company
  • High loyalty, honesty and independence (“freedom-under-responsibility”)

Does this sound familiar?

Then we would love to hear from you!

To apply for the position, send your CV and cover letter to:

Application deadline: 2nd August 2022

Place of work: Oslo / Kløfta, Norway

Start date: To be agreed upon, as soon as possible

Form of contract: Permanent employment

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