A new logistics concept proved successful for TTI, Inc.

In 2018 TTI, Inc expanded its existing distribution center in Maisach-Gerlinden near Munich, investing in an automated storage and retrieval system. This AutoStore system - empowered by Element Logic – helped TTI, Inc. to more than triple their storage volume.

TTI, Inc. was founded in 1971 in Fort Worth / Texas, USA, and expanded to Europe in 1992. They are the world’s leading authorized distributor specialist offering passive, electromechanical, discrete power supplies and sensor components. Today, the company has more than 100 locations in Europe, North America and Asia. In its position as world market leader, space, energy and cost efficiency are essential success factors for TTI, Inc. However, storage space bottlenecks as well as long walking distances and processing times were a growing challenge in the original distribution center.

Thomas Rolle (TTI) and Michael Kawalier (Element Logic) in front of AutoStore warehouse.
Thomas Rolle, Vice President European Operations at TTI (left) is proud of the AutoStore system, which Michael Kawalier, Managing Director at Element Logic Germany (right), played a leading role in planning and realization. A doubling of TTI`s AutoStore system is already in planning.

AutoStore enables handling of 18 billion components

In order to increase maximum efficiency and flexibility, and for being able to respond to future market developments, TTI, Inc. decided for a new logistics concept, which was co-developed and planned by Element Logic. As part of this, TTI, Inc. did not only invest in the expansion of the existing distribution center. The company also acquired new buildings, which include an AutoStore by Element Logic system – in addition to various other state-of-the-art logistics systems. Covering a total area of 43,000 square meters, TTI, Inc. is now capable of handling 18 billion components. In addition to a significant reduction in throughput time, the company was also able to increase efficiency in all respects.

”With Element Logic we have an experienced partner at our side, who enables us to react felxibly to market developments in the future.  Our AutoStore by Element Logic allows for optimal space utilization, increases the efficiency of the picking process and is the ideal system for us and our planned growth. We can adapt the system to our needs at any time by expanding the grid, the ports, and the number of robotos”, says Thomas Rolle, Vice President European Operations at TTI, Inc.

Package on conveyer band inside TTI warehouse
The AutoStore system was only one of the different scopes that Element Logic included in the overall solution.

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