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Ever since Element Logic saw the light of day in 1985 we have been maximizing the success of European warehouses.

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Optimizing since day one

Since Element Logic was founded in 1985 our goal has been to optimize warehouse performance. Our ­first­ automated ­products ­were ­vertical ­carousels­ and ­within ­a­ decade Element ­Logic­ became­ the­ ­market ­leader ­in ­the­ Nordics.­ The­ key ­to ­our­ success ­was­ the same ­as ­it ­is ­today:­ hard ­working e­mployees­ that pride themselves in understanding customer needs and believe in new technology.

In the beginning we wrote our software based on a stopwatch and counting steps of warehouse workers. Although ­our ­methods ­have ­progressed, ­the ­core ­of ­our ­product remains ­the ­same: ­smart ­automated­ ­picking ­technology ­enhanced­ with ­our ­own ­software ­to ­improve ­warehouse ­workflow.

Element Logic founders working on old computer

The original AutoStore-partner

Back in 2003 inventor of the AutoStore robots Ingvar Hognaland and Element Logic founder Kjell Blakseth met at a tradeshow. While the industry laughed at their «crazy robot idea», we loved it. Six months later Element ­Logic­ built ­the ­world’s ­first­ AutoStore ­facility.

The early years of the partnership however were tough. The market was afraid of automation and people were focused on the risks involved. Although the product was in its infancy, and did not have the up time it is renowned for today, the potential was clear for Element Logic.

A tight bond was formed between Element Logic and AutoStore. Two companies that know each other and care about each other. And eventually grew together, when the product was perfected, and the market started to mature.

Old photo of Element Logic employees with power tools

Expansion in Europe

The ­Nordics ­have­ always ­been ­Element ­Logic’s ­home-market, ­but ­in ­2015 ­we ­sold ­our ­first AutoStore­ project ­outside ­the ­Nordics, ­and ­the ­following ­year ­more ­than ­50% ­of ­our revenue ­was ­generated ­outside­ of ­Norway. ­In ­2016 ­we ­opened ­our ­German­ office, ­while ­UK ­and France ­followed­ suit. ­Country ­by ­country­ we helped warehouses to succeed into the future, designing smart solutions with AutoStore, yielding significant ­efficiency ­across ­borders. Along ­the ­way ­we ­both ­built ­the ­largest ­AutoStore ­facility ­in ­the ­world­ as well as the smallest.

In 2020 Element Logic won full European distribution rights for AutoStore, and consequently opened full scale ­operations ­in ­Poland ­and ­the ­Benelux. ­Now, ­we­ proudly ­call ­the ­whole ­of Europe ­our ­local ­m­arket.­

As the barriers for using robotic technology is falling, Element Logic passed an 80 million Euro turnover in 2019, marking an exponential growth the company has seen since 2014.

Map of Europe showing Element Logic offices and AutoStore warehouses

Driven by technology

Since­ we ­bought ­our ­first­ computer ­in ­1985 ­we ­have ­never ­lost ­faith ­in ­new ­technology. ­It’s ­in ­Element­ Logic’s ­DNA­ to ­be ­early ­adopters ­and ­we ­have ­based­ our ­business ­on ­technology. Our ­software ­is ­one ­of­ our ­most ­prized ­assets, ­as ­it ­enables ­our ­customers ­to ­maximize ­the efficiency ­of ­AutoStore ­and ­boost­ productivity ­in ­the­ warehouse. ­It­ is ­constantly ­in development ­by ­our ­R&D-department.

As AutoStore pioneers we love robots that make warehouses better. That’s why Element Logic partnered with Right Hand Robotics and launched a robot arm with machine learning technology. The robot arm can be installed at a picking station and is able to pick items it has never seen before. As it picks it constantly learns and improves. To quote our test client «This is the future of intra logistics, no doubt about it».

Powered by people

Even though we work with incredible technology every day, Element Logic values people even higher. Our culture is based on little hierarchy and we focus on creating a respectful, humble and open environment. This also characterizes the way we handle customers and their challenges – nothing is too small or too big.


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