AutoStore empowered by Element Logic, just got even better

As AutoStore’s first partner, Element Logic has designed, implemented, and delivered a wide range of automated and static warehouse solutions for companies of different sizes, and for different industries since 2003.

Since then we have challenged AutoStore to improve and develop their product further based on market needs and requests. This has resulted in several mechanical versions, latest exemplified with the launch of the Black Line robot.

The New The Router™,  Software platform allows a much more dynamic execution of the robots driving routes and makes a significant improvement in managing performance and facilities a much higher robot density.   The level of improvement was so significant that it required hundreds of simulations and testing on multiple live sites until the compound benefits were fully understood. The results surpassed even the expectations of the creators.

AutoStore, including both Red Line and Black Line, has found its sweet spot within the AS/RS marketplace and the success compared to other technology proves exactly that.  Even if Autostore is great, being the most scalable, dynamic, and reliable AS/RS solution, it now gets even faster. The AutoStore Router is a new robot traffic handling system built totally from scratch.

“With the new AutoStore Router™,   we see huge improvements on scenarios where the combination of storage capacity and transaction capacity is extremely high like we experience from our customers in the e-commerce business, Chief Sales Officer in Element Logic, Håvard Hallås says.

“We have already installed AutoStore Router at some pilot customers, and it has proven its benefits says CSO in Element Logic, Håvard Hallås

In addition to this, the new potential megatrend micro-fulfillment centres (MFC), were the limited floor space is challenged with a relatively high turnover of goods, the AutoStore Router positions AutoStore as the ultimate choice”.

See how this is handled by Boozt and Peterhans

Pilot customers

Element Logic has already run a huge amount of simulations to find the benefits from the new AutoStore Router software. In some cases, we can boost the robot capacity with up to 40 % through a more dynamic routing. We can keep on adding robots and increase the total throughput by 4x, and the new software handles twice as many robots on the same space.

“We have already installed AutoStore Router at some pilot customers, and it has proven its benefits. They are examples of how AutoStore has developed from good to great”, says Hallås and adds; “in the end it is a matter of defining the improvements that pays off the quickest”.


  • 40 % increase in performance
  • 4 x higher throughput
  • 2 x number of robots

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