Boozt get the world’s largest AutoStore

Boozt continues the long-term collaboration with Element Logic, and will now double the AutoStore system at the central warehouse in Ängelholm. The new part of the system will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2018, becoming the world’s largest AutoStore installation.


Leading e-commerce in warehouse built for the future

Since the establishment in 2009, Boozt has grown to become one of the leading online fashion stores. In line with the strong growth, the requirements for warehouse and logistics grow. The new central warehouse with AutoStore was successfully launched as late as March this year, but in line with growth plans, time is already ready to scale up the capacity.

“We have operated our automated warehouse since the end of March 2017 with a positive result. To keep up with the growth in the number of orders, it is important for us that our logistics is one step ahead,” says Hermann Haraldsson, CEO of Boozt.


Flexible scaling after actual growth

From today’s size of 130.000 boxes and 130 robots, the expansion makes extended capacity with additional 120.000 new boxes and 120 robots. During the fall, 50.000 boxes and 21 robots will be implemented to handle growth and future spring collection in 2018. Furthermore, Boozt can add  multiple boxes and robots according to actual storage capacity and / or handling capacity.

“The expansion of Autostore gives us complete flexibility and lets us add additional boxes and picking robots when the order volume increases in 2018,” continues Hermann Haraldsson.


Success with Element Logic

With a very successful establishment of the new central warehouse, including a solid moving process and implementation of AutoStore – Boozt is very pleased with the collaboration with Element Logic.

“We have now been operating our Autostore since the end of March 2017 with very encouraging results. In order for us to keep up with growth we will proceed forward with Element Logic in expanding our present Autostore. Our cooperation with Element Logic has been outstanding, and it’s only natural that we continue on this path together”, says Niels Hemmingsen, COO i Boozt.

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