Electronics giant Power expands its AutoStore from Element Logic

Power is the electronics giant of the Nordic region with almost 268 stores spread across four countries. As it takes over all Mediamarkt stores in Sweden, the company has reviewed its increased needs and is consequently expanding its automation solution from Element Logic.

At POWER, the aim is to stay ahead with well-considered, efficient solutions, keeping prices low while providing customers with the best shopping experience. Therefore, the company invested in automation early, building their current AutoStore in 2017. In 2020, they did a renovation of their storage ports for better ergonomics and in 2021, they added two more ports. After five years of successful operation, they expanded in April 2022 that doubled Power’s AutoStore.

New market demands new solutions

As Power takes over all former Mediamarkt stores, their warehouse and logistics solution needs to keep up with the new conditions in the Swedish market. The expansion is linked to an expected growth increase through the establishment in Sweden, but also an organic growth in the other countries.

Power already has an AutoStore with roughly 46,000 bins, 54 robots, and 13 ports. They are making room for an additional 40,000 bins, installing 10,000 initially, in addition to 24 new R5 robots, 7 new conveyor & carousel ports, and a picking tunnel. This means they have nearly full automation, from when the order comes in until the order is dispatched, except for the manual picking process.

Development Manager at Power, Casper Ă–deen, says that over the past six years, Power has invested in automation and digitization of their processes. In addition to AutoStore, peripheral equipment has also been in focus for box erecting, sealing, and labeling. A robot for pallet building has been invested in, but it would not have been possible without AutoStore’s efficiency and scalability, which allows the automation to grow with the organization, he says.

“Power is far ahead in their automation. They were early with AutoStore, and they have chosen to invest in extended automation to be efficient, secure a stronger delivery to their customers, while also achieving improved ergonomics,” says David Olsson, Account Manager at Element Logic, Sweden.

Power’s expanded AutoStore facility went live in May 2023.

Facts and figures Power

  • 10,000 new bins (making room for 40,000 new bins)
  • 24 R5 robots
  • 7 new conveyor & carousel ports
  • One new picking tunnel

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