Matsmart’s Journey to Enhanced Efficiency

In 2021, the international grocery chain Matsmart embarked on a transformative journey by investing in a new, automated, and eco-friendly AutoStore warehouse. Operational since the first quarter of 2022, this venture has been a resounding success, significantly boosting both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Matsmart, a prominent player in the booming eGrocery sector, is leading the charge towards more cost-effective logistics and a sustainable food industry. The company’s strategic investment in an automated central warehouse in Örebro was aimed at doubling its capacity to meet demands for the next 10–15 years. This massive, over 20 000 square meter facility houses 149 robots that aid staff in the efficient picking and packing of goods. The whole facility is powered by solar panels, with possibilities for expanding with an additional 10 000 square meters.

Enhancing Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

After operating for about a year and a half, Matsmart’s Senior System Specialist & Automation Engineer, Fredrik Karlsson, shared insights into the company’s experience with AutoStore. “After a tough start, we quickly approached the 230 bins/h per port as estimated by Element Logic. Today, after some adjustments, we’re averaging over 260+ bins/h,” said Karlsson. This improvement in efficiency marks a significant leap from initial projections, showcasing the system’s robust performance.

The impact on customer delivery has been profound. Karlsson noted, “The biggest change is the speed from order placement to shipment. We’ve also seen a decrease in errors, reducing customer service inquiries related to missing items.” This enhancement in processing speed and accuracy has led to a notable improvement in customer satisfaction.

Two Matsmart employees standing in the new automated warehouse
Conrad Edgren, Global chief logistics officer at Matsmart and Fredrik Karlsson, Senior System Specialist & Automation Engineer at Matsmart, in their new automated warehouse.

Overcoming initial obstacles

The initial phase of implementing the AutoStore system at Matsmart presented several challenges, including critical issues that resulted in a strenuous first two weeks. The team’s resilience and swift adaptation to the new system were remarkable during this period. These early challenges, compounded by the complexities of operating during the pandemic, tested the team’s capabilities. Nonetheless, Matsmart’s staff demonstrated an impressive ability to quickly adjust to the new system, overcoming these initial obstacles efficiently.

Element Logic’s support was pivotal during this period. “We always had Element Logic with us. Their transparent communication and collaborative approach were instrumental in quickly resolving issues and ensuring a smooth transition,” Karlsson affirmed. This partnership was key in overcoming early obstacles and achieving streamlined operations.

The integration of technology at Matsmart has notably benefited its workforce. The employees rapidly adapted to the new systems, thanks to the simplification of processes which enhanced both clarity and efficiency in their daily tasks. A key aspect of this transition was the focus on eliminating complexities and introducing automation in areas that could significantly aid the staff. For example, the implementation of a waste conveyor system was a strategic move to maintain a clean and safe workspace, demonstrating Matsmart’s commitment to creating an ergonomic and employee-friendly environment.

Through its innovative AutoStore warehouse, Matsmart has set a benchmark in the eGrocery industry, exemplifying how technological advancements can revolutionize efficiency and sustainability in logistics.

Facts and figures:

149 Robots

Improved capacity by 100%

260+ bins/h

20 000 m2, with the possibility of expanding with 10 000 m2

Powered by solar panels

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