Element Logic expands into Poland

Having won full distribution rights for AutoStore across Europe, Element Logic intends to expand its footprint even further: The agreement enables the technology and intrologistics company to establish a complete country division in Poland to serve the fast-increasing demand for robotic solutions and warehouse automization in the Polish market.

“The AutoStore distribution rights will surely speed up our growth. We’ve had a sales division in Poland for one year already, working on several projects – and we can see a big interest for automatization here. This deal, with all its possibilities, will be like wind in the sails for us. It will allow us to establish a full country division, which is a very exciting and promising opportunity for Element Logic,” says Anna Wiśniewska, Managing Director at Element Logic Poland Sp. z o.o.

Managing director for Poland, Anna Wisniewska portrait
«We can see a big interest for automatization here», says Anna Wisniewska from Element Logic Poland.

There are several intralogistics companies that offer standard solutions in Poland, yet none offer the next level process automation that the AutoStore system does. Paradoxically, AutoStore components are produced in Poland, so Wiśniewska is aiming for Element Logic to become the first distributor to deliver such a system in the country.

More importantly, the need for automated warehouse processes is fast growing, due to costly manual labour and an increasing customer demand to have products delivered quicker than most warehouses can manage.

“The cost for the use of manpower is no longer profitable compared to switching to a fully-upgraded, automated warehouse solution. At the same time customers demand getting the right product delivered to the right place at the right time, and the expectation of 24-hour-delivery is constantly increasing also. This makes it the perfect timing for Element Logic to expand into Poland,” says Håvard Hallås, Chief Sales Officer at Element Logic.

Element Logic CFO Håvard Hallås
Element Logic CFO Håvard Hallås believes the timing is perfect for Element Logic to expand in Poland.

AutoStore is ideal for the e-commerce sector

Element Logic, being the original AutoStore partner, is an experienced and highly competent systems integrator for the AutoStore technology. For Poland, as for other markets across Europe, the company has ambitious targets to support the strong growth within particularly the e-commerce sector.

“The developments in e-commerce and the increased pressure on service levels and delivery times provide a number of logistics challenges. We can solve many of these challenges with our AutoStore solutions for a number of online stores, from consumer electronics, apparel and sports equipment, to general merchanidse, as well as parts distribution and 3PL, which is a very big part of the industry in Poland”, concludes Wiśniewska.

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