Viking´s AutoStore in Austria

Element Logic Germany GmbH receives the first order for AutoStore in Austria!

VIKING GmbH, a member of the STIHL Group, trusts Element Logic Germany GmbH to deliver the automated Warehouse solution AutoStore, as the first one in Austria.

Element Logic Germany GmbH proudly announces to have signed an cooperative agreement in the end of November with VIKING GmbH in Austria, to deliver AutoStore and EWMS (Element Warehouse Management System) in summertime 2018. Being the most compact and flexible solution within the branch of AS/RS, VIKING will benefit from drastically better usage of their warehouse space as well as enhancing warehouse performance and quality.

The system will have a capacity of 66.500 storage bins initially filled with 47.000, 5 operator ports and 17 robots in the first step. ”I am very happy to receive to acknowledgement from VIKING GmbH in Langkampfen when it comes to the solution provided from us in Element Logic and the trust we are given to deliver such a project in Austria”, says Michael Kawalier, Managing Director of Element Logic Germany GmbH.


Viking GmbH

Since its foundation in 1981, VIKING had developed into one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality gardening power tools. Their products are characterized by innovative technology, particularly high quality and extremely comfortable operation. Customers, testers and panels of judges regularly confirm the superiority of their gardening power tools and contribute to the excellent reputation of the brand in Europe.

VIKING has been part of the STIHL Group since 1992. On the one hand, this benefits sales as the VIKING products have been distributed through a significantly expanded network of specialist dealers since that date. On the other, VIKING adheres to the high-quality standards of STIHL. As a consequence, it is not only VIKING products which are produced at the Competence Centre in Langkampfen, but increasingly also STIHL machines, for example motorized saws, hedge trimmers, brush cutters and blowers. (Source:


Element Logic Germany Gmbh

As a part of the Element Logic group, the most experienced and successful distributor and system integrator of AutoStore systems, Element Logic Germany GmbH experiences a very successful start since their start-up in February 2017. Already lots of customers trusts in their advice, solutions and ability to deliver good projects with AutoStore and EWMS (Element Warehouse Management System), as well as associated solutions such as conveying-, packaging- and storage technology. From their office in Bad Friedrichshall, they already conquer markets and customers in several regions and countries, now, in addition to Germany, also in Switzerland, Romania and Austria. For more information:

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