Element Logic and Addverb. People looking into camera

Element Logic launches AMR solutions in partnership with Addverb Technologies

Element Logic will integrate Addverb's solutions for AMR’s (autonomous mobile robots) into its existing portfolio, alongside a fleet management software platform. This enables customers to decrease operational cost and boost overall profit.

The partnership with Addverb opens new opportunities for Element Logic to offer its customers highly flexible solutions for material transport, consolidation- and sequencing-buffers before and after the picking process from an AutoStore solution.

“By using AMR’s, we can help our customers to improve internal processes, increase efficiency and offer them faster and more reliable order processing”, says Hans-Jörg Braumüller, Group Design & Consulting Director in Element Logic.

Unique logistics combination 

Addverb offers a unique logistics combination of fixed and mobile automation and advanced enterprise software. Their expertise involves providing end-to-end warehouse automation solutions based on Industry 4.0, IoT, and robotics. Addverb has provided warehouse automation solutions to customers engaged with fast-moving consumer goods such as Unilever, Flipkart, Amazon, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Dabur, and more.

Element Logic and Addverb. People looking into camera
From left to right: Johnny Andersen, General Manager Addverb Europe, Pieter Feenstra, CEO Addverb EMEA, Håvard Hallås, Chief Commercial Officer Element Logic, Hans-Jörg Braumüller, Group Design & Consulting Director Element Logic

“We are thrilled to enter this partnership with Element Logic and proud to work together with such a prestigious player of the industry, renowned across Europe and globally,” says Pieter Feenstra, Addverb’s CEO of the EMEA region. “Our ability to serve the market demand will exponentially increase, offering access to a complete solution combining AutoStore systems and mobile robots. We believe the strong portfolio, innovation expertise, and depth of resources we are bringing together through this partnership will allow us to create even more value for our customers.”

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High degree of flexibility

The use of AMR’s is particularly characterized by a high degree of flexibility in projects with a wide variety of goods flow. The AMR’s will be managed by an intelligent fleet management system with integrated swarm technology and laser navigation in the individual AMR’s. AMR doesn’t require predefined fixed paths. It can define its route on-the-fly. If an obstacle is detected, the AMR adjusts its path to navigate around the object.

“After an intensive search on the market for a partner who can support Element Logic in international projects, Element Logic has found a well-established technologically and reliable partner in Addverb, says Håvard Hallås, Chief Commercial Officer in Element Logic. “This is an important step to provide an even stronger competitive advantage for customers by expanding the end-to-end warehouse automation portfolio. We are excited and look forward to growing together with Addverb and the opportunities the partnership will bring”.

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