Element Logic opens tech hub in Oslo Science Park

“This will bring more innovation and new collaborations”, says Head of Data Science in Element Logic, Lukas Bach.

Among research organizations and startup companies in Oslo Science Park, you now find Element Logic`s new tech hub. Seven of Element Logic`s sharpest masterminds sit here developing new data-driven software products.

“By being in Oslo Science Park we put Element Logic on the map as an innovative software company. Here we have multiple universities that we can access students from and collaborate with. And there are plenty of other companies we can be inspired by and learn from”, says Head of Data Science in Element Logic, Lukas Bach.

Oslo Science Park is more than just an office space, says Marketing Manager in Oslo Science Park, Anne-Marie Korseberg Stokke:

“Just by walking around here, buying a coffee in the bakery, or taking the elevator, you can meet people in your industry. But we also have seminars, conferences, and pitches in the bakery on a regular basis, so you can showcase your work and listen to other people.”

SINTEF is one of the research partners that Element Logic will see more to going forward.

“Element Logic opening a Tech Hub in the Oslo Science Park gives us both a better chance to collaborate closely on research projects. In the SINTEF optimization group, we hope to establish a long-term collaboration with EL, developing cutting-edge operations research methods for optimizing warehouse performance”, says Torkel Haufmann from SINTEF Optimization.

Group CEO in Element Logic, Dag-Adler Blakseth, is also very excited about the company`s presence in Oslo Science Park. The tech hub is very much in line with Element Logic`s strategy, he says:

“For us as a technology company it`s important to have input also from outside our own internal meeting rooms. The tech hub is a possibility for us to have contact and input from externals.”

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