Illustration of the Hatstore AutoStore grid with other automation

Hatstore Combines Automation with Enhanced Employee Experience

Hatstore, a Swedish company with online stores in over 50 countries specializing in caps, beanies, and hats, recently announced the construction of a new 12,000 square meter logistics facility.

Founded in 2011, Hatstore has experienced rapid growth thanks to its impressive assortment of over 20,000 different models of headwear, successfully carving out a niche and establishing key partnerships for international expansion. This growth necessitated the move from their previous warehouse to a new, state-of-the-art greenfield warehouse and office in Kalmar, Sweden.

In 2020 Hatstore had relocated to the former premises of the online interior design shop Nordic Nest, where they first invested in the AutoStore automated warehouse system implemented by Element Logic. Now, as Hatstore takes the next step in its expansion, Element Logic has been entrusted once again to deliver their AutoStore automation system. This system is a blueprint from the concept carried over to the new facility, with the previous equipment being moved and upgraded to accommodate the expansion.

Workplace for the Future

The future workplace envisioned by Hatstore goes beyond traditional expectations. Their new office and logistic property will cover 12,000 square meters, with the warehouse alone occupying 5,000 square meters – doubling the size of their current storage capacity. The automation solution from Element Logic plays a crucial role in this hypermodern facility. The vision for the next-generation workplace includes more than just storage space, office areas, and a break room. The facility will also be equipped with solar panels, a 2,000 square meter lounge and an activity area featuring an indoor pool, paddle courts, a gym, and a rooftop running track that outlines the Hatstore logo.

Niklas Nordheim, CEO of Hatstore World AB, emphasized the importance of creating an inspiring space for employees and partners.

"Together with our staff and partners, we are now building an inspiring location where everyone can enjoy, grow, and have fun together. To succeed in this, we also need to be at the forefront of efficiency and automation. That's why we are particularly pleased to have deepened our collaboration with Element Logic"

— Niklas Nordheim, CEO at Hatstore World AB

Boosting Efficiency

The efficiency of the warehouse is set to reach 1,500 order lines per hour. Element Logic constructs a new AutoStore grid, reusing robots, ports, and bins from the previous setup while also adding additional robots, ports, bins, conveyor systems, and carton handling machines. The performance of Hatstore’s new AutoStore solution is projected to meet this ambitious target of 1,500 order lines per hour. The installation at Hatstore is scheduled to begin after the summer of 2024, with the move-in planned for January 1, 2025.

"It is incredibly inspiring to assist the innovative Hatstore on their continued journey of automation, which aligns with their goal to combine efficiency, sustainability, and a creative spirit for the future"

— Anders Bohlin, Sales Director, Element Logic Sweden

Facts & Figures:

13 new Robots, 43 in total.

4 new Ports,12 in total.

12,000 new Bins, 40,000 in total.

New Grid capable of accommodating 50,000 bins

Performance: 1,500 order lines per hour

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