Hatstore invests 2 mill. Euros in a robotic solution

The Swedish-based e-commerce company Hatstore moved to a four times larger warehouse at the beginning of the year, but due to strong growth in 2020, the company is now investing in an AutoStore solution by Element Logic.

AutoStore is a much more efficient warehousing system than a manual warehouse and gives Hatstore the opportunity to continue to grow without having to move. The system is designed and installed by the AutoStore specialist Element Logic.

– AutoStore is a necessary and smart solution for us to be able to reach our continued growth, without changing premises every two years. Our growth goals demands offering customers a wider range of products, and the AutoStore solution by Element Logic gives us the opportunity to store four times more products on the same area, says Filip Klasson, CEO of Hatstore.


Robots offer movement with precision

AutoStore is a robotic warehouse solution based on all products in the warehouse being stored in bins, stacked on top of each other. The robots move over the grid and move the bins to ports where the products are picked and packed. The solution from Element Logic consists of 18 robots and 12.000 bins. The robot-driven warehouse solution provides high efficiency, precision and creates completely new possibilities for scalability to handle growth and season peaks. Even if the robotic warehouse means a major streamlining of processes in the business, the investment will take place without Hatstore laying off any staff.

– The combination of AutoStore, other types of automation from before and all the expertise among our fantastic staff, will create an e-commerce warehouse at the forefront. It gives us the opportunity to offer our customers an even better shopping experience, says Filip Klasson, CEO of Hatstore.

Filip Klasson, CEO Hatstore


– It is very exciting to be a part of this project. We look forward to helping Hatstore to a smart increase in total efficiency in their warehouse and of course in the end, even happier customers, says Thomas Karlsson, Managing Director Element Logic, Sweden.

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