Heimilistæki becoming Icelandic pioneers with Element Logic

Heimilistæki, founded in 1962 is the leading company within import, distribution and retail of IT, electrical and household appliances on Iceland. Heimilistæki and its subsidiaries operate 11 stores in Iceland. The company will be the first to implement an AutoStore solution in Iceland, by Element Logic.

“We believe others will follow in our footsteps”, says Hlíðar Þór Hreinsson, CEO at Heimilistæki. They need to be prepared for the upcoming growth, and the solution will be installed before Black Friday in November 2021, to be able to handle all the orders in a more efficient way. “This will give us the competitive edge we need, help us grow and improve customer experience at the same time, Hreinsson says.

Hlíðar Þór Hreinsson, CEO at Heimilistæki


Ease the workload and improve working environment.

“The flexibility and scalability of the AutoStore system are unique and will help us grow. The AutoStore solution will help our employees to be more efficient, but also ease the workload and make the working environment better ergonomically”, Hreinsson continues.

“We are humble and excited to help the innovative player Heimilistæki to take their competitive edge to the next level, being the first on the Island to install an AutoStore solution. We look forward to helping with the pursuit of excellent customer experience, says Mats Bjerkaas, Managing Director, Element Logic Norway.


Facts and figures:

  • Robots: 12
  • AutoStore bins: 15.000
  • Carousel ports: 3

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