Hemtex invests in automation from Element Logic

Hemtex is moving from its previous 3PL solution and are now managing their own logistics in their newly built warehouse in Sweden. The new logistics center will be equipped with automation from Element Logic.

Hemtex has managed its logistics at Schenker Logistics’ TPL warehouse at Landvetter but now the textile chain is dedicated to running its own logistics. The newly built central warehouse and their new headquarter in Viared, Sweden is over 25,000 m2 in size.

"Hemtex takes control of its entire automation chain and invests in efficient automation that will help them increase their profitability. I look forward to following their logistics"

— Anders Bohlin, Sales Director at Element Logic Sweden

More features get automated

The collaboration between Element Logic and Kid Group continues from 2020, when they implemented an AutoStore system in its logistics center in Norway.

installation from Element Logic at Hemtex features an AutoStore-system with 35,000 bins and 38 robots. In addition, a conveyor system and automation for waste, conveyors for transporting orders from picking to sorting, as well as sorting and special packing in cartons and bags are installed. This automation is controlled by Element Logic’s eManager software. It is estimated that the AutoStore facility will perform 900 order lines per hour.

“We have had a good experience with Element Logic and AutoStore from our central warehouse in Norway, and based on thorough assessments, we have chosen to expand the collaboration as we establish a new and separate central warehouse in Sweden,” says Anders Fjeld, CEO of Kid ASA.

Hemtex’s new AutoStore warehouse in Viared will be operational by spring 2023.

Facts and figures Hemtex

  • 35,000 bins (with space up to 50,000 bins)
  • 38 robots
  • 9 ports for picking and putaway, and the possibility to expand to 16 ports
  • Conveyor system and automation for waste takeaway, sorting and special packaging
  • 900 order lines per hour
  • Operational by spring 2023

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