Three men standing in an AutoStore warehouse.

Malfini Boosts Operations with Automation from Element Logic

Malfini is a leading company in the textile industry in Central Europe and a major supplier across the region. They have implemented an AutoStore system in their logistics center in Ostrava, an investment of 250 million CZK.

Increased Storage Capacity

By automating, the goal is to speed up the picking process, streamline manual tasks, and reduce physical labor.  

“Our warehouse processes about 170,000 pieces of textiles daily, and ensuring the necessary picking capacity, especially during peak times, was the main reason for implementing AutoStore,” says MALFINI’s Chairman Radek Veselý.  

With the high-density storage of AutoStore, the new zone will be able to store up to 20% more textiles than the previous shelving solution. 

The best-selling items will automatically be placed in the most accessible locations, allowing for quicker order picking. The new system, spanning 2,650 square meters, includes 96,400 bins, a 16-layer grid, serviced by 65 robots. The system also includes inbound and outbound ports and conveyors, along with box erectors.

Rapid Implementation 

Element Logic helped Malfini with the implementation of conveyors and box erectors, further speeding up the work. The implementation of the automated systemtook approximately 29 weeks.

"Given the growing demand and the need to better cover peak times throughout the year, automation was an excellent solution for MALFINI, enabling them to maintain their market position and continue to grow"

— said CEO Jindřich Kadeřávek

Facts and figures: 

Size: 19,300 square meters 

Volume: 300,000 packages in stock 

Storage capacity: 25 million textiles 

Up to 170,000 textiles shipped daily 

10 outbound and 2 inbound carousel ports 

65 robots 

96,400 bins

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