NA-KD invests 10 million Euros in its first robot warehouse

NA-KD is one of Europe's top 20 fastest growing companies and breaks new records every month. As one of the world’s leading players in fashion and e-commerce, customers mean everything. Efficient and fast deliveries are the highest priority. When the company opens a new warehouse in Sweden, they choose efficient automation; AutoStore system from Element Logic.

The hub of NA-KD’s logistics is a global central warehouse in the Netherlands, established in 2017. From this warehouse, operated by a 3PL partner, they serve the company’s largest markets, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux, in addition the rest of the world. NA-KD opens the new automated warehouse in Sweden to serve the Swedish market, and the Nordic region.

– Already when we started, our ambition was to be a global brand that offered free delivery worldwide. Today, our largest markets are Germany, the Nordic countries, and Western Europe. In order to be able to deliver quickly, precisely and with many different delivery methods in the Nordic region, we decided in 2019 to invest in an AutoStore solution. The Nordic region is our second largest market and with the new warehouse we increase our efficiency and cut at least one day’s lead time, and enable same-day delivery in several regions, says Oscar Von Konow, COO at NA-KD.

Oscar Von Konow, COO at NA-KD.

“Fits our growth journey perfectly”

The choice of AutoStore’s automation robot solution is about being convinced of the system’s simplicity and flexibility.

– We evaluated several automation solutions, but stuck with AutoStore because it is so simple, scalable, and flexible. The fact that it is possible to build an AutoStore modularly as a Lego fits our growth perfectly. It is not possible to plan capacity for several years in the future when you grow as fast as we do, Oscar states.

“Adapted to deliver over 1,000 orders per hour”

The new warehouse, in which NA-KD has invested just over 10 million Euros, is initially 23.000 m2 in size and has the flexibility to be able to expand to over 40.000 m2. Element Logic specializes in AutoStore solutions and Logent is responsible for the operation of the warehouse.

– NA-KD’s new automated warehouse is initially equipped with just over 100.000 bins and 100 robots, which means that the facility is adapted to deliver over 1.000 orders per hour. This makes the facility one of the largest AutoStore installations in Europe and we are pleased to be part of NA-KD’s journey towards more efficient inventory management, says Thomas Karlsson, Managing Director at Element Logic Sweden.

– It is a large and important investment for us that will streamline and speed up our Nordic delivery capacity and in the long run create several hundred jobs. We demanded a fast and well-proven set-up, and I am impressed with how quickly our partners have installed and implemented the automation in Landskrona, Sweden. It has progressed really fast and so far, we are very satisfied, Oscar von Konow concludes.

Thomas Karlsson, Managing Director at Element Logic Sweden

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