New Managing Directors in Spain and Sweden

Element Logic is enlisting the expertise of two accomplished and driven professionals to lead two of our markets in Europe.

This fall, two new faces will appear in leadership roles at two of Element Logic’s offices in Europe: Cesar Nosti will become the new Managing Director of Element Logic Spain, and Benny Thögersen will assume the position of Managing Director at Element Logic Sweden.

Thomas Karlsson, who is now Element Logic`s VP for Rest of Europe, is very pleased with the appointments: “Cesar and Benny bring extensive and genuine experience from the logistics industry. Enhanced by their authentic personalities and robust reputation, Cesar and Benny will guide our Spanish and Swedish divisions of Element Logic to the next levels of success”, Karlsson says.

Cesar Nosti in Spain

Cesar Nosti will join Element Logic on September 4th. He comes from a senior sales role in DLL, a provider of financial solutions particularly to purchasers of material handling solutions (i.e. our customers).

Nosti will be based in Madrid, where Element Logic now will start looking for our next office in Spain. He will also have a frequent presence in the Barcelona office.

Nosti is delighted to have been appointed Managing Director of Element Logic Spain: “I truly believe that the future lies in scalable and standardized automation systems and risk mitigating solutions both for the suppliers and customers as the ones delivered by Element Logic. I hope I can contribute decisively to the growth of the business in Spain and help the team as well as to integrate with the rest of the excellent Element Logic team globally to deliver and excel as per the high expectations of the company and our customers”, Nosti says.

Benny Thögersen in Sweden

Benny Thögersen will start in a part time role on September 25th and gradually transfer into a full time MD role latest on February 1st, 2024.

He has worked in operational warehouse logistics at ICA and Everfresh Group, held senior and executive roles in the WMS and warehouse automation industries at Consafe and Knapp, and recently led logistics facilities at Catena, a stock listed company in the real estate industry, as CEO from 2017 to 2021.

Thögersen is very excited about his new job: “Element Logic is a great place to work with a blend of care, focus, drive, and curiosity that offers exciting opportunities. With AutoStore as the driving force, our software as the intellect, and our other products and services, we are shaping our future. Together, we’re making Element Logic even stronger”, Thögersen says.

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