Profitable warehouse automation with AutoStore also for innovative SMEs

The story of the family-owned company Leslii, located in Saarburg, Germany, started with its founding in 2005. Today, the company has 30 employees and uses both their own web shop and a dealer network to sell hand-made fashion jewellery and accessories all over Europe. In the course of constructing their new headquarter, Leslii installed a fully automatic AutoStore system in cooperation with Element Logic.

Leslii`s AutoStore system in the construction phase

What began with a passion for jewellery and an extraordinary idea has become a successful trend brand. For the German fashion company Leslii, the first move to a larger building was completed eight years after its founding. However, with the steep growth curve still continuing, after 5 more years the new premises were no longer enough, and a completely new, larger-scale solution was needed. Therefore, the founders Antonia and Thomas Kalle started constructing a new 900 m² company building, and at the same time restructuring their logistics. In September 2019, the new building was inaugurated – including a fully automatic AutoStore storage and retrieval system, empowered by Element Logic. The new company headquarter with connected warehouse logistics stands for regional solidarity and a future-orientated expansion of the main site in Saarburg.

“Continuous growth and lack of space made this new building necessary”, says CEO and founder Thomas Kalle. “As a consequence, we were looking for a future-proof solution that would allow us to use our space more efficiently and to optimize our logistics processes. AutoStore is exactly the right system for our growth and product range, and with Element Logic we have found the ideal partner to put this into practice.“

One of the smallest and most cost-efficient AutoStore systems in Germany

At Leslii, two million articles are produced and shipped every year. More than 1,300 dealers distribute these products throughout Europe. Leslii’s AutoStore system, designed for a size of 100 m², is one of the smallest and thus most cost-efficient in Germany. The system contains 4,000 subdivided bins and 4 robots. In- and outbound of the goods are handled via 2 Conveyor Ports. The AutoStore by Element Logic system allows 1,500 picks per day, based on a performance of up to 224 bin presentations per hour – combined with a very low energy consumption.

Four robots take care of 4,000 subdivided containers on an area of 100 m²

“No other automated goods-to-person system for small parts offers a comparable return on investment with minimal space requirements. The availability of warehouse staff is already difficult today. This trend will continue dramatically in the coming years due to demographic trends. Optimal space utilization as well as the targeted use of automation are the current and future challenges for our customers regarding their logistics processes. We offer tailor-made solutions which are well adapted to the needs of our customers. These solutions are built on many years of experience in the best possible use of the AutoStore system and its integration into customer-proven overall logistics concepts. In addition, it was important for Mr. Kalle to have someone at his side, who sees himself as a long-term partner in terms of expansion and service, and who is really living it – just like Element Logic does”, explains Joachim Kieninger, Managing Director Element Logic Germany.

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