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Rohlik Group speeds up delivery through warehouse automation

European e-grocery technology leader Rohlik Group is accelerating and redefining last mile delivery through their innovative fulfillment center automation initiative. Following on from its planned rollout in September 2021, Rohlik is now commencing automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) operations in Munich, Germany, with an AutoStore solution delivered by Element Logic. Rohlik will then install ASRS empowered by Element Logic in fulfillment centers around Europe, increasing picking efficiency and capacity utilization.

Knuspr’s 7,500 square meter fulfillment center in Munich ships out an average of around 60,000 orders per month. To better cope with growth and scalability, Rohlik Group has chosen to increase their efficiency and automate their Munich facility with an AutoStore-solution. Delivering a threefold increase in picking productivity and 30% more storage space, AutoStore’s system has storage bins stacked vertically in a grid and stored in a cubic structure, with the bins retrieved by robots that travel atop the structure on rails, complemented by efficient picking workstations.

The AutoStore-solution includes 28,000 bins, 96 AutoStore R5 robots and 12 carousel ports. The solution is designed for capacity of 2,500 order per hour and will be equipped with 2 inbound and 10 picking stations and the flow of goods is ensured by a connecting conveyor system with a length of 200 meters.

One of the first online grocers

“Market development is clearly showing that successful retailers need to be flexible and scalable in responding to customer needs, both in terms of having a broad assortment as well as having an efficient system for dispatching orders. At Knuspr, we are excited to be one of the first online grocers with a highly automated fulfillment system. Streamlining our logistics, enables us to act even faster and more flexibly in the future, further accelerating our growth,” says Knuspr’s COO, Björn Christian Wolf.

“ is an impressive and pioneering technology leader in German e-commerce. As one of their main selling points is the fast and accurate delivery of orders, it was natural to connect AutoStore with Element Logic’s solution. The result will be improved order capacity, goods handling, and delivery time,” adds Joachim Kieninger, Director Strategic Business Development Element Logic.

"Our investment in automation reflects our belief in combining smart technological innovation with a huge selection of products to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Our new fulfillment center operations are designed to meet customers’ ever-increasing demands for fast and efficient full basket deliveries"

— Aleš Malucha, Rohlik Group Head of Automation
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Rohlik Group is massively upgrading its fulfillment centers as part of its goal of becoming Europe’s largest and preferred e-grocery delivery service. The first automated solution was launched by in Munich, to be followed with a gradual roll-out across all existing and new European markets. Approximately €45 million will be invested in automation in the first phase and with upwards of 10 further fulfillment centers to be upgraded in 2022-2025.

Facts and figures

  • Warehouse size: 7,500 m2
  • AutoStore bins: 28,000 bins
  • AutoStore robots: 96 AutoStore robots R5
  • Number of ports: 10 carousel ports (with room for 12)
  • Estimated order lines: 2,500 per hour
  • Order picking speed after automation: 3x
  • Picking stations: 2 inbound and 10 picking stations
  • Conveyor system length: 200 meters

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