Royal Design is expanding its warehouse automation

To be well prepared for the next peak season, Royal Design are planning to expand the AutoStore system from Element Logic initially delivered in 2019.

Royal Design is a company in exciting transformation where the e-commerce flow is in an extreme growth phase while the physical stores experience the opposite trend. Therefore, there are now significantly more packages to be handled and sent to the end customer. An automated warehousing solution from Element Logic has previously been successful, and to further strengthen capacity, especially for Black Friday and Christmas, they have chosen to expand the AutoStore system.

Increases performance by over 30%

The order is estimated to increase performance by more than 30%. This is done through eight new R5 AutoStore robots and two extra carousel ports. But with the help of Element Logic, Royal Design is also installing new efficient packaging machines (E-Cube) that handle larger volumes and save transport costs, as well as a completely new line for the printing station where the shipping labels are printed. In addition, the existing sorting machine is upgraded to be able to handle a greater throughput of packages. The new warehouse functions are also linked together by a new efficient conveyor belt system.

No impact on operation during installation

The installation of all units takes place completely without affecting the daily operation.

– Ever since we helped Royal Design to automate its warehouse, we have had a close dialogue and listened to the customer’s needs. One of AutoStore’s strengths is that it is such a scalable system and therefore it is quick and easy to expand in the event of changing market requirements, says Bengt Nilsson, Account Manager at Element Logic Sweden.

– We want to be able to offer our customers a wide product range with fast deliveries. The Autostore system is one of the most important aspects to effectively ensure that our customers get what they have ordered within the promised time. Therefore, it feels good that we have now strengthened the capacity of our automated solution and we are well prepared for the next peak season and can continue to keep our customers’ promises, says David Måsegård, Site Manager at Royal Design.

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