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As the fastest order fulfillment system per square meter on the market, AutoStore offers the highest storage density of any Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS). AutoStore is a flexible and modular robotics solution that can be adapted to your building and is easy to expand during operations when you outgrow your current system.

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Automating your warehouse results in your employees handling orders quickly and safely – giving you a competitive edge in the market. With a solution from Element Logic, we guarantee fewer picking errors, continuous inventory control, branch leading availability, and no single point of failure.

The synergies between the tailored AutoStore hardware and our specialized software, eManager, make the complete solution from Element Logic unique.

"AutoStore is the number one warehouse automation system in the industry. It can fit in any space and has boosted productivity and increased customer satisfaction in a great range of businesses."

— Lasse Vik, Product Manager AutoStore in Element Logic

This is AutoStore


The aluminum framework around the bins and robots. The grid is built to fit your space.


The robots pick and deliver goods in the smartest available routes on the grid as calculated by the controller. They work 24/7 and charge themselves when necessary. Element Logic offers both red line robots and black line robots. Get in touch with our experts to learn which model suits your needs.


The long-lasting bins contain your inventory. The database has complete control over the contents of each bin at any given time. The bins can be divided into different sized compartments.


The AutoStore control center is in constant control of the network and infrastructure in your warehouse. This is also where the real-time logging of your inventory and robots are done.


The ports deliver the picked goods to the operator for further handling. The ConveyorPort with a conveyor belt is a great solution for most customers, but for those with more complex needs, we can also offer CarouselPorts, SwingPorts, or RelayPorts.

Smart warehouse automation with AutoStore

An AutoStore warehouse optimizes itself continuously during operations. Items frequently asked for will automatically be placed in the grid’s upper bins, making the access time shorter. Compared to a manual warehouse, the picking performance is ten times higher with AutoStore.

A question frequently raised by companies debating whether they should invest in automation is how complex and challenging it is to use. As a provider of automation systems, Element Logic makes the installation, onboarding, and operation as easy as possible.

"It felt safe having them there for every phase of the project. They attended all construction meetings, all workshops with employees, and also assisted us during the moving period. And they contributed with smart solutions every step of the way."

— Rolf Inge Danielsen, Logistics Director, Berggaard Amundsen

Employee benefits with automation

Automation facilitates an ergonomic workplace. It has been proven to reduce mental and physical stress, significantly improve the work environment and make your employees less vulnerable to work-related injuries. The low training requirements and low complexity of the user interface also positively affect personnel deployment.

When investing in automation, it is not about humans or robots – it is humans and robots. The number of robots is easy to scale up when necessary, especially in peak season. This equals less stress, less overtime, and fewer unfavorable working hours for your employees. You will also become less dependent on temporary labor, resulting in more resources to invest in the staff you already have.

Our customer testimonials are our greatest strength

At Element Logic, we believe that our greatest strength is how we always put our customers first. Read some of their stories to learn more about the process from a manual to an automatic warehouse with Element Logic.

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