A solution tailored to your needs

With an automated warehouse solution designed and delivered by Element Logic, you can be sure your business is optimized for your future growth and needs.

Warehouse size, operations requirements, challenges, and opportunities differ from one customer to another. That is why our team of AutoStore, and intralogistics experts map out your specific needs and preferences at the beginning of each collaboration. Our system designers use their expertise and creativity to sketch out the perfect solution for your space to maximize your success.

Regardless of whether you have a brand-new storage building or want to utilize existing space, our people design the smartest and most profitable solution for you. Nothing is too small or too big.

"We spend a lot of time analyzing numbers and understanding the needs of the customer and run simulations to find the solution that yields the most value. Our goal is to create a solution as efficient as possible at the lowest cost for the customer."

— - Lasse Vik, Product Manager AutoStore, Element Logic

What to expect from capacity and efficiency

We run several tests on our proposed solution to ensure that it is the most profitable solution for you. The system design team creates 3D models and runs simulations on various scenarios to give you an idea of what you can expect from the automated warehouse regarding capacity and efficiency.

At Element Logic, we value dialogue and will keep close contact with you every step of the way to warehouse automation. Together we agree on how to execute the installation.