Software-based warehouse automation

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For decades, we have developed software solutions that deliver value. Our software ecosystem allows you to execute, operate, and manage end-to-end automated warehouse solutions.

Our products work together to provide a complete warehouse solution. By unifying data from our in-house developed software products, in combination with third-party data sources, we offer you a fully interconnected ecosystem of data-driven software solutions.

Element Logic is the original AutoStore partner, and, to develop the perfect software solutions for AutoStore, we have harnessed decades of knowledge and strategic commitment. This expertise has resulted in software that significantly increases your accuracy, productivity, and processing capacity.

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Turning data into actions


Important operational data have been locked away for too long. We are changing this with our data platform, eLogiq, which enables data-driven warehouse optimization. eLogiq is a fully managed Microsoft Azure cloud-based SaaS solution that collects, integrates, and processes data from multiple sources to provide you with valuable warehouse performance insights, analysis, and predictions.

By combining data from multiple sources, we empower you to avoid negative trends, view benchmarking logistics, and tweak processes so you can optimize your warehouse and stay competitive.

The eLogiq data platform enables a multitude of data-driven software products and services. We will continue to expand our eLogiq offering in the coming years with the ultimate goal of enabling our customers to achieve self-run, data-driven warehouses.

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The brain of AutoStore


eManager is our warehouse execution, management, and control system for AutoStore. It lets you know exactly where your products are located and how much you have in stock at any given time. eManager provides built-in operator assistance for accomplishing AutoStore tasks and enables you to integrate your own ERP / WMS and warehouse supply-chain systems.

eManager optimizes and manages AutoStore warehouse performance from goods receival to outbound processes and enables you to maximize the efficiency of your AutoStore warehouse processes, boost productivity, reduce costs, and improve end-customer satisfaction.

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Control your material flow beyond AutoStore


eController is our software toolbox for integrating automated equipment, including conveyor systems, box erectors, packing machines, and more. With eController, we are able to offer you extended control of the movement of goods and orders beyond AutoStore.

In addition to facilitating connection to a variety of automated systems, eController also allows us to create a visualization of our customers’ warehouses so we can simulate automated warehouse workflows. This makes it possible to identify areas where we can test new solutions and improve warehouse efficiency for you as a customer, saving you time and money.

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The future of intralogistics


As the first company to successfully integrate robotic piece-picking technology with AutoStore, we are proud to have eOperator as a part of our software ecosystem. Driven by machine learning, it enables automated picking and placing of goods from AutoStore ports and is deemed the future of intralogistics.

By incorporating eOperator into your warehouse operations, you can achieve secure and accurate picking, cost-effective labor, and a streamlined supply chain with a high level of profitability and fast ROI.

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A competitive warehouse runs on software and data

Our software ecosystem consisting of eLogiq, eManager, eController, and eOperator allows you to focus on what really makes a difference to your business: warehouse optimization and everyday operations.

The software unlocks data that identifies bottlenecks and notifies you when action is necessary to avoid negative trends. It also empowers you to have control over the flow of goods to, from, and within your warehouse, and it provides you with opportunities to improve your warehouse operations.

Your data sets are unique, and our software ecosystem ensures that you can operate in the most intelligent and efficient manner to reach your goals.

Contact us for more information on how your warehouse operations can benefit from our software ecosystem.

Contact us for more information on how your warehouse operations can benefit from our software ecosystem.

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