Picture of the AutoStore grid

Sport Vision automates their warehouse

Sport Vision is a leading company in sports retail in the Balkans. Founded in 1996, it employs 5,500 people and operates in 13 countries. In 2022, they decided to automate their warehouse with Element Logic. This collaboration will allow Sport Vision to save up to 70% of their space and increase the speed of order fulfillment and store replenishment.

The 21,000 m2 warehouse is located in Sered, Slovakia and ensures supply for Sport Vision’s online store customers and physical outlets. The entire project began in 2022, and in its initial phase, Sport Vision decided to invest 6.2 million EUR in the automated solution. The AutoStore will contain 60,000 bins, covering a space of 2,400 m2, and capable of storing up to 1 million items.

“Investing in automation is essential to support our continuous growth, meet consumer demands and expand in the region. This automated solution will allow us to serve our online customers and our stores much faster, with fewer errors and greater accuracy,” says Tomislav Dobrijević, Logistics Director for Sport Vision Group.

Picture of the AutoStore grid

Effiency increased by four times

Initially, 40 R5+ robots and 15 ports will be installed, with the possibility to implement 19 more ports in the future. The efficiency is estimated to increase by four times. With Element Logic’s eManager software installed, Sport Vision had the ability to control product placement, view the inventory, process returns, restock, and pick orders while the system was being installed.

“Every project is unique, and we design warehouse automation to be as efficient as possible based on several parameters, such as space and volume requirements for handled goods,” explained Element Logic’s project manager, Josef Brázda.

Sport Vision’s automated warehouse was finished in May 2023.

Facts about Element Logic’s installation at Sport Vision:

  • Warehouse size: 21,000 m2
  • AutoStore size: 2,400 m2
  • 60,000 bins containing up to 1 million items
  • 40 R5+ robots
  • 15 ports

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