Students from NTNU showing the result of their project

Summer Internship – a perfect harmony of hard work and enthusiasm

This summer we invited selected students from the Cybernetics and Robotics programme at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, to be a part of Element Logic’s Summer Internship.

The students were presented with an actual project and were given the necessary equipment to solve it. The purpose of the Summer Internship is to connect with the bright students and their valuable insights and knowledge, and together explore new ideas and solutions. The results can potentially be a part of Element Logic’s future product and solution portfolio, with focus on customer value.

Mithila Packiyanathan demonstrating how the robotic arm responded to different commands

The future of Robotics

The theme of this year’s project was to investigate and solve the tasks by using a robotic arm. The first task included picking products and accurately placing them in a bin while optimizing the use of space. The second challenge was return handling and identifying a product from a bin. To maximize the effect of exploring new ideas and solutions, the students started from scratch and had free range of use in methods and software.

Sutharshan Nadarajah introducing the project and the students

The students delivered more than we expected, and we are very pleased with the results. These students are handpicked from the very best based on mindset, competence, interests and diversity. We would be happy to have them back next year or sometime in the future”, Says Sutharshan Nadarajah R&D Director at Element Logic.

During the 8 weeks of summer internship, the students have been working on the project supported by the R&D department, both via Teams and at Element Logic’s headquarters in Norway.

We enjoyed the fact that we are passionate and excited for the work that we have done and got paid at the same time.” Finn Aurer, one of the students, said smilingly, and continued: “People at Element Logic have shown a lot of enthusiasm for their work, which rubs off on everyone.”

From left Emilia O’Brien, Thomas Borge Skøien, Finn Aurer and Mithila Packiyanathan

Overall, it was a very good experience to work with agile methods, a lot of trust and freedom. The supervisors were very supportive, competent and passionate. We also met people from other departments that showed great interest in our work, which shows us that Element Logic is a place where people support each other throughout the organization”. Finn concluded.


To be continued…

As the project came to an end both the students and Element Logic are left with a lot of knowledge, insight, and a prototype solution to optimize picking and returns of products. To get as much out of the project as possible the students have presented Element Logic with interesting ideas to investigate and further develop. This can be the start of developing new products and solutions to optimize warehouse performance for Element Logic’s customers. The summer internship at Element Logic will be conducted on an annually basis, at the headquarter at Kløfta, close to Oslo.

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