The 3PL player DSV invests in AutoStore

DSV gathers head office, terminal and warehouse in a new building in Vestby, Norway, where automation is in focus. An AutoStore solution will cover small goods handling and the growing demand in e-commerce.

DSV is a global player in transport and logistics, with a presence in more than 90 countries and about 60.000 employees worldwide. Through an international network and many years of experience, DSV can deliver services worldwide in the areas of Road, Air & Sea and Solutions. Through the investment in AutoStore, DSV will take a significant step in streamlining its existing customers, as well as facilitate the growing demand in e-commerce.

The system was put into operation in the beginning of September 2020 and today it houses 28.000 AutoStore bins, 9 robots and 3 carousel ports. DSV wanted a system that was flexible, smart and could easily scale in line with the needs of its end customers.

A proven system

“We want to be part of the e-commerce wave, and to achieve this we have to invest in automation that will give us cost-efficient solutions. Our investment saves space, while providing increased efficiency of up to five times manual handling. The most important factors for DSV in such an investment were quality, productivity, flexibility, and price. We chose Element Logic as they were able to point to a proven system with several well-known references. Element Logic is a supplier we gained confidence in early in the process, who also understood our business and challenges. Flexibility and proximity have been absolutely crucial for us to get off to a good start “, says Alexander Kaasa, Senior Manager Business Development at DSV Solutions.

Photo: Knut Wefring, DSV Norge

“We are proud and happy that DSV, as one of the largest logistics and transport companies in the world, chose to invest in Element Logic and AutoStore. AutoStore is very suitable for 3PL companies with its flexibility and scalability, and we are convinced that this will have positive effects for DSV and their customers. The threshold for investing in AutoStore is getting lower and lower, and we see a noticeable increase in AutoStore projects also for small and medium-sized companies. DSV with its expertise in operations, combined with an AutoStore solution and software provided by us, is a good combination that should be interesting for even more companies – large and small. We look forward to a good and long-term collaboration with DSV” says Mats Bjerkaas, Managing Director Element Logic Norway.

From left in featured image: Alexander Kaasa, Senior Manager Business Development, DSV Solutions. Morten Kleven, Site Director, DSV Solutions. Ulf Erik Kruger Solheim, Managing Director, DSV Solutions.

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