The Swiss company, Scheitlin-Papier AG implements AutoStore by Element Logic

The solution will be implemented in Niederuzwill, Switzerland, and enables storage and picking on two separate levels.

Scheitlin-Papier AG, a family-run company offers its customers solutions and products within professional cleaning, medical, hygiene, catering, and packaging. The product range comprises more than 12,000 articles, half of which must always be available. In addition to standard articles, Scheitlin-Papier sells custom made products as well as individually printed articles to be able to supply customers with “everything from a single source”. Now Scheitlin-Papier has decided to build a new and modern logistic center, with an AutoStore-system for storing of small parts, implemented by Element Logic.

“In addition to the many advantages of the AutoStore system, the proven expertise was a key factor when awarding the contract,” says Claudia Scheitlin, co-owner of Scheitlin-Paper AG.

Built for future expansion

For the new logistics center, Element Logic is implementing an AutoStore system with around 15,000 bins on an upper floor of just 400 square meters. Up to 15 bins are stacked on top of each other in the grid, which is just over five meters high. Three small R5 robots work on the top of the grid and handle the storage, transfer, and retrieval of bins. For order picking, they transfer the bins with the desired articles for two workstations (swing ports) in the basement. Two further ports are already provided for future expansion.

In the layout for the planned AutoStore system, you can see the two cross-floor ports and the pre-installed frames for the two expansion ports.

Offering maximum flexibility

The design of the system is customized between two walls, which eliminates the need for two side panels. The ports are on the level below the AutoStore warehouse. This is also where the packing area and shipping preparation are located, so the material flow is efficiently integrated without internal detours. To ensure separate fire protection areas for the two building levels, the swing ports are equipped with horizontal fire doors.

“Both in terms of adaptation to local conditions and in terms of customer-specific equipment and future scalability, our solutions offer maximum flexibility,” Joachim Kieninger, Director Strategic Business Development for the D-A-CH region at Element Logic sums up. “This allows us to develop and implement the optimal solution for every industry and all requirements. The warehouse for Scheitlin-Papier AG will be one of our most interesting reference sites in the Swiss market.” Go-live of the plant is scheduled for April 2023.

Facts and figures Scheitlin-Papier AG

Picking stations: Two stations, with two further ports provided for future expansion

Number of bins: 15,000

AutoStore robots: 3 R5 robots

Grid size: 400m2

Fully operational: April 2023

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