Visit the automated warehouse of the sporting goods retailer XXL

XXL is one of the world’s fastest growing retailers for sports goods, and is currently operating 90 stores in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Austria in addition to their web shops. The company has 3 logistics centers in Norway, Sweden, and Austria, all of them equipped with robotics solutions from Element Logic. XXL has 5 500 employees, and a revenue in 2020 of 10,4 billion NOK (1,5 billion Euro).

Why AutoStore by Element Logic®

“We chose AutoStore empowered by Element Logic because of its ability to store a huge number of items in a small storage cube. The solution is very effective, scalable and makes sure our deliveries are on time to our end customers”, says Kai-Remi Berge, AutoStore Manager XXL Norway.

“We do not regret our choice of implementing AutoStore. The solution by Element Logic has helped us to get a more effective logistics and get goods even faster out to the end customer”, he continues.

Benefits of AutoStore

The AutoStore solution is very effective with an extremely high up time (98,9 %). It is very reliable and easy to use and maneuver after a short introduction. XXL has not had any noticeable change in how they work due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020/2021.

In 2019 XXL was the first in the world to test out and use the new Relay port. It has since then had an 100 % up time and a 30 % higher production than the carousel ports, Berge says.

Read more about the Relay Port here

The AutoStore solution

Since XXL’s first implementation of AutoStore in Norway, they have implemented several new AutoStore systems in Sweden and Austria, including extensions of the systems. Since 2010 there has been 8 extensions of XXL Norway’s AutoStore solution implemented by Element Logic, going from 10 000 bins and 10 robots to 158 000 bins, 86 robots, 23 ports, whereas one is a Relay port. This makes the warehouse the largest in Norway. A 3rd-party solution is also implemented enabling the AutoStore solution to run smoothly with XXL’s existing ERP system and Element Logics eManager- and AutoStore software.

Collaboration with Element Logic

“We started the collaboration in 2010 in Norway, 2013 in Sweden and 2020 in Austria and today XXL’s warehouse in Norway is the largest in the Norwegian market. Element Logic is always on time, follows up inquiries and supports the customer through the After Market service. Due to this the system has an uptime of 98,9%”, says Berge.

One advice from Kai-Remi Berge to new or potential AutoStore users: “make sure you have a long-term plan, to be able to scale up and be flexible over time.”

Facts and figures

  • 8000 m2
  • 158 000 bins
  • 86 R5 Redline robots
  • 22 carousel ports
  • 1 relay port

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